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If this is the first time you're visiting my blog, thank you. Whether you're interested or just curious to find out about PCB reverse engineering (PCB-RE), I hope you'll find something useful here.

This blog contains many snippets of the content in my books to provide a more detailed overall sampling for my would-be readers to be better informed before making the purchase. Of course, the book contains more photos and nice illustrations, as evidence from its cover page. Hopefully, this online trailer version will whet your appetite enough to want to get a copy for yourself.

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As the owner of this blog, I'm determined not to clutter the space with ads or irrelevant information to ensure readers have the best reading experience. If you enjoy what I write here, please do me a great favor by recommending the blog, sharing the posts that you think is worth reading via social medias or emails.

Sharing is a good and healthy community spirit, and the very least we can do if we have benefited from the ideas and insights of fellow engineers. It is also an effective means to encourage authors like me to keep blogging and posting useful articles.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


First Book on PCB-RE

There are two versions of my first engineering book - a full-color and a standard (non-color) edition:


Both are available on Amazon online store. Click on the pictures above to go to Amazon for a preview and read the reviews from readers who have purchased my book.

Sequel Book on PCB-RE

The sequel to my first book, PCB-RE: Tools & Techniques, is released on 28 December 2017. Readers who have been following my blog can purchase it now online. Click on the book cover to go to the Amazon online store to order!

Secure your personal copy today!

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